Southboro Open Land Foundation

people looking over meadow at sunset

Templeman Woods

In 1996, Martha Templeman donated the 8.2 acre parcel known as Templeman Woods. It abuts the 9.8 acres town property, Watkins Woods Conservation Land, resulting in 18 contiguous acres of wetlands and uplands. It can be accessed from Cordaville Road (Rte 85), by crossing wooden boardwalks constructed by several Eagle Scout candidates. The property extends towards Sunrise and Ashley Drives, and is bordered by the Mass Pike.

Features include vernal pools, glacial rock formations, old stone walls, and the Martha Templeman dedication plaque on a large rock and bench at a high point.

There is limited parking near the trail entrance for two or three cars along Rte. 85, close to the Mass Pike overpass.

Note that the trail was re-routed in 2021-2022, and the OpenStreet maps have not been updated. The maps below shows the current track. There are red blaze discs on trees along the trail. Note there is a bypass trail to avoid a short, steep section at the plaque and bench.