Southboro Open Land Foundation

people looking over meadow at sunset

Bigelow Wildlife Refuge

Bigelow Wildlife Refuge, on Bigelow Road, comprises two contiguous properties, totaling 19.4 acres, and includes beautiful wetland swamp and woodland that can be explored along SOLF’s new, 300 foot path to a viewing platform.

Bigelow Wildlife Refuge is part of an ecologically diverse, 2,225 acre open space, watershed network that includes Department of Conservation and Recreation property and Sudbury Valley Trustees’ Sawink Farm. The Boroughs Loop Trail runs through parts of the DCR and SVT properties, and includes the old farm road (dirt and gravel) that connects Bigelow Road in Southborough and Walker Street in Westborough.

Visitors who drive should turn onto Walker Street in Westborough and park at the SVT Sawink Farm parking lot. From the lot, it’s a 1400-foot walk along the old farm road to Bigelow Road and the entrance to Bigelow Wildlife Refuge. Please do not park on Bigelow Road as it has no shoulder and parking is not allowed in the turn-around at the end of Bigelow Road.