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Invasive Species: A Video by Carla Schwartz

Published on January 17, 2019 by Eileen Samberg

The Southborough Open Land Foundation recently received a link to a video prepared by Carla Schwartz.  Here is what Carla told us about this video. “I have participated in Art on the Trails as a poet for the last two years, and my poems have appeared in the chapbooks produced for those events, as well as on the website. In doing the poetry walks, I have noticed the many invasives in the Beals Preserve, such as Japanese Barberry and bittersweet, and multiflora rose, garlic mustard, and buckthorn (as well as poison ivy). I have pointed these out to the SOLF folks on the poetry walks and we started discussions of these.
During the 2018 Art on the Trails poetry walk, I spoke with the T with the wife of the president of  SOLF and I mentioned that I had been working on this video on invasive plants of New England.  She said her husband would be very interested in that and that I should forward the link when I had the video done.
About the video:
I started this footage in 2014 in Carlisle, MA, since John Bakewell, a local arborist, had started an educational invasive plant gallery there. I went around and highlighted the invasives in the gallery, both through discussion with him, and then by reading the printed materials in the gallery. As I worked on the film I gathered photos and footage from other locations and seasons, as was necessary. I also  realized that some of the gallery’s printed material was not well-written so I voiced over much of that to make it a bit more concise and interesting. When I completed the film, I uploaded it to my CB99videos youtube channel,, which includes several environmental documentaries such as ones about going solar, installing electric car charging stations, and driving electric cars.”
Thank you for sharing this with us Carla.