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Birdwalk at Beals Preserve, May 15, 2016

Published on May 16, 2016 by Eileen Samberg

Jeff Collins from Mass Audubon led a birdwalk at Beals Preserve on a beautiful May morning, May 14, 2016. A large number of species, including a Red-winged Blackbird, European Starling, Barn Swallow,  Canada Goose and Goslings, Mallard Duck, Yellow Warbler, Warbling Vireo, American Goldfinch, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Song Sparrow, Gray Catbird, Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Eastern Kingbird, Common Grackle, Great Blue Heron, Common Yellowthroat, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole, Eastern Bluebird, Green Heron, Brown-headed Cowbird, Chipping Sparrow, Ovenbird, Pine Warbler, Tufted Titmouse, American Robin, Northern Mockingbird,  and Northern Flicker, were either heard or seen by members of the walk . Some photos of participants, and Beals Preserve taken by Doris Cahill are shown below.


Birdwalk Participants

Birdwalk Participants